Maria Dupovkina — is an independent visual artist from Russia, photographer

Maria Dupovkina — is an independent visual artist and sociologist from Ivanovo, Russia, currently based in Moscow. Student of the Academy Fotografika. Official photographer of the Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival «Zerkalo».

Maria works with documentary photography, art photography and video.

She prefer working with themes of family, self-determination, humanity and social interactions, gently explores this sensitive topics using her sociological education.

Currently working on a project on the post-trauma of domestic violence.

Awards, participation and festivals:

2021        First Avant-Garde Factory III, Ivanovo, Russia

                 Rencontres d'Arles, Lusted Men & leboudoir2.0, Arles, France 

2020       Popular participation GETXOPHOTO, Getxo, Basque Country

                 Julia Margaret Cameron Award, honorable mention 

                 Finalist of the contest «Best Young Photographers of Russia»

                 Riga Photomonth

                 Independent Free Journalism Award «Редколлегия», nominee

2019        Finalist of LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards, Imaginative Storytelling

                 First Avant-Garde Factory, Ivanovo, Russia

2018        Winner (2-nd place) InterPhoto, France

2013        Finalist of the contest «Best Young Photographers of Russia»

Solo exhibitions:

2020        Reflection. SHKAF gallery and art-residence, Saint Petersburg, Russia 

2019        Simple Portrait, Ivanovo, Russia

                Une petite connaissance. Maria Dupovkina, Paris, France

2017        Течение, Ivanovo art museum, Russia

2013        Течение, Museum of the Tsvetaev family, Russia

Selected group exhibitions:

2021        Home, First Avant-Garde Factory III, Ivanovo, Russia

                 Lusted Men, Festival PhotoSaintGermain, Paris, France 

2020        GETXOPHOTO, Algorta, Getxo, Basque Country

                 Top of 2020 L.A. Photo Curator & N.Y. Photo Curator (online exhibition)

                 L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Award (online exhibition)

                 MFR (Young Photographers of Russia) — finalists and winners, Kaluga, Russia

                 Gallery Wall-online (online exhibition)

2019        Public spaces. Photographic exploration project, Lisbon, Portugal

                 Диафрагма 5.0, Ivanovo, Russia

2018        interPHOTO, Roscoff, France

2013        Best Young Photographers of Russia — finalists and winners, Moscow, Russia

Artist talks, events, seminars, other activitiеs

2021        First Avant-Garde Factory III, Ivanovo, Russia. Artist talk

2020        Oleg Klimov Art-residence, Yantarnoye, Kaliningrad

2019        First Avant-Garde Factory, Ivanovo, Russiа. Artist talk

2015        International Arts Festival Apple Feast, Palekh, Russia. Artist talk


2020        FotoNostrum Magazine. Maria Dupovkina, Empathetic photography


                LensCulture. Black-and-White Photography Favorites


                Ventanas de papel. Reflexiones en torno a la fotografía documental, monograph Rafa Badia


                Заповедник. На могиле рейва


                Такие дела. Я не могу найти правильное слово


2019       LensCulture. Award winner Maria Dupovkina — I can’t find the right word.